108 - Jackie Hart

Spring Creek TN


Owner - Billy Riddle - Spring Creek TN

Billy tells me that this car is 95% original

She is powered by a Chevy 305 CI V8. The motor has been modified for racing and sounds good on the track.

In Memory !!

Notice the buggy spring suspension. This type of suspension was popular on Modifieds back in the day. They took a leaf spring and cut it in half. Wielded or bolted one end to the frame and shackled the other to the rear-end. Then they used the other half of the spring on the other side. Billy tells me that this works well on smooth tracks. It will beat you to death on a rough track.

Notice the long bolt on the front springs. This is used to crank in the wedge to help the car turn Left.

Billy tells me that the seat is the original one used in the car back in the 60's. It's a helicopter seat !! Let's go racing ...