Drivers, Car Owners, Crew Members, Track Owners, and Track Officials

1. Roland "RoRo"Ladner - Birmingham, AL-looked good in the kart race.

2. Brownie Brown - Ocean Springs, MS Long time Pit Stewart

3. Jerry Idom - Hattiesburg, MS

4. Anthony Norris - Braxton, MS

5. V.K. Boggs - Braxton, MS

6. Gerald Hodges - Spanish Fort, AL

7. Buddy Taylor - Morton, MS

8. Danny Thomas - Bogalusa, LA

9. John Ford - Milton, FL

10. Ken Sweatt - Theodore, AL

11. Ricky Beasley - Hattiesburg, MS

12. Larry Smith - Biloxi, MS

12. Mike Ellis - Waveland, MS

13. Buddy Bielarski - Mobile, AL

14. Charlie Morrison Saucier, MS Race Driver and Announcer

15. Joe Fascio Jr. - New Orleans, LA

16. Ray Cato - Vicksburg, MS

17. Walter Ware - Brandon, MS

18. Little Joe West - Bay St. Louis, Ms

19. Kenny Woods Biloxi, MS—Mr. Kenny, we hope you got all the dirt out of your eyes from the race. Thanks for doing it.

20. J.O. Hartfield - Purvis, MS

21. Spencer Farmer - Greenwell Springs, LA - looked good in the kart race

22. Paul Green - Greenwell Springs, LA

23. Milton Castanedo - Gulfport, MS

24. Richard Reed - Wiggins, MS

25. Thomas Lindsey - Laurel , MS

26. Mike Smith - Purvis, MS

27. Wayne Thomas - Brandon, MS

28. Freddy Fryar - Cassville, Missouri

29. Rocky Wood - Biloxi, MS

30. Glen Welch - Picayune, MS

31. Harold Beinhauer - Gulfport, MS

32. LeRoy Asher - Bay St. Louis, MS

33. Major Hudson - Purvis, MS

34. Termite Light - Picayune MS

35. Jimmy Davis - Picayune, MS

36. Robert Breeland - I Did Not Receive Address-Please send if anyone knows

37 Johnny Breeland - I Did Not Receive Address-Please send if anyone knows

38. Billy Breeland - I Did Not Receive Address-Please send if anyone knows

39. Judy Taylor - Biloxi, Ms - Judy and her late husband, Bill owned Checked Flag Speedway

40. David Ashley - Zachary, LA

41. Roy Williams - Zachary LA

42. Ricky Head - Florence, MS

43. Ronald Tubbs - Gulfport, MS

44. Buddy Seals - Waveland, MS

45. E.A. Enroth - Gulfport, MS

46. Skip Manning Bogalusa, LA

47. Wayne Dyess - Bassfield, MS

48. Sharon Carlisle - Hattiesburg, MS – long time lap counter

49. Barry Lee - Hattiesburg, Ms - long time flagman

50. Marty Broadus - McHenry, MS

51. Fats Harvison - Laurel, MS –Long time announcer

52. Charles Boyett - Biloxi, Ms

53. Vince Mitchell - Saucier, Ms - long time tech man

54. Sidney Wescovich - Ocean Springs, MS

55. Mitchell Wescovich - Biloxi, Ms

56. Rusty Sanford - Hattiesburg, MS

57. Billy Sanford - Hattiesburg, MS

58. Jim Oneal - Petal, MS

59. Jimmy Ardis - Mobile, AL

60. Ricky Idom - Hattiesburg, MS

61. Buddy Smith - Purvis, MS

62. Danny Joe Thomas - Robertsdale, AL

63. Wayne Osborne - Moss Point, MS

64. Alvin Smith - Gulf Shores, AL

65. John Chason - Robertsdale, AL

66. Gerald Hudson - Hattiesburg, MS

67. Tommy Fortenberry - Gulfport, MS

68. Pat Patterson - Biloxi, MS

69. Joe Boyles - Biloxi, MS

70. Jamie Smith - Hattiesburg, MS

71. Chick Boyd - Angie LA

72. Larry Hardy - Biloxi, MS

73. Paul Vanderley - Gulfport, MS

74. Billy Phelps - Pass Christian, MS

75. Herman Allen - Viden, TX

76. Sammy Head - Gulfport, MS

77. J.D. Parker - Gulfport, MS

78. Johnny Ardis - Mobile, AL

79. Gary Thompson - Ocean Springs, MS

80. Benny Spicer - Ocean Springs, MS - Mr. Benny, we hope you got all the dirt out of your eyes from the Kart race. Thanks for being a sport and participating.

We know this is not everybody. Please let us know if you fit into the above category and we will be happy to add you. Following is a list of Wives of racers, friends of racers, children of racers, and grandchildren of racers

Nell Idom - wife of Jerry Idom

Gloria Hodges - wife of Gerald Hodges

Richard Beasley - son of Ricky Beasley

Cootsie - sister of Buddy Bielarski

Eileen Cato - wife of Ray Cato - glad you could make it this year. Good to meet you.

Bonnie Woods - wife of Kenny Woods

Spencer Farmer Family - did not get all of your names written down.- thanks for coming. Please come back again.

Paul Green Family - did not get all of your names - thanks for coming and please come back next year.

Thomas Lindsey’s wife - sorry I did not get your name written down. Please send it to me.

Lacey Buckhalt and family - granddaughter of Thomas Lindsey

Doreen Welch - wife of Glen Welch

Carol Beinhauer - wife of Harold Beinhauer

Margaret Hudson - wife of Major Hudson

Bonnie Light - wife of Termite (Lloyd Light).

Jo Davis - wife of Jimmy Davis

Shannon Thompson - daughter of Bill and Judy Taylor

Steve Thompson - son in law of Bill and Judy Taylor

Tobby Taylor - son of Buddy Taylor and web master of Miss

Barry Lee’s wife - did not get name. Please send

Leigh Ann Broadus - wife of Marty Broadus

Kyle Harvison - grandson of Fats Harvison

Linda Boyett - wife of Charles Boyett

Tawny Ardis - wife of Jimmy Ardis

Debbie Thomas - wife of Danny Joe Thomas

Glenda Idom - wife of Ricky Idom

Emmy Frierson - wife of Racer Shorty Frierson - thanks for your help

LaNell Osborne - wife of Wayne Osborne and daughter of Donald and Granny Adams

Kelly Slate r - grandson of Wayne and LaNell Osborne and great grandson of Donald and Granny Adams

Belinda Farrior -

Maurie Fulton -

Linda Fulton -

Bonnie Jones -

Hunter Weyenberg -

Shondra Hudson - wife of Gerald Hudson

Mrs. Johnnie Ray Dyess - wife of Johnny Ray Dyess-thanks for coming

Pamela Dyess Strack

Candy Boyles - wife of Joe Boyles

Willie Marin

Leslie Marin

Mrs. Billy Phelps - wife of Billy Phelps

Lela White - friend of Herman Allen

Kendall Erkhart - son of Bo Erkhart a long time racer. Thanks for helping cook

Billie Erkhart - wife of Kendall Erkhart-thanks

Doris Parker - wife of J.D. Parker

Wayne Lights wife - we did not get your name on paper. Can you or someone please send it.

Jimmy Parker - son of J.D. Parker

Donald Parke r -son of J.D. Parker

Ronald Parker – son of J.D. Parker

Ernest Parke r- son of J.D. Parker

Cecellia Parke r- wife of Jimmy Parker

Darbi Parker - daughter of Jimmy Parker and granddaughter of J.D. Parker

Kelly Parker - wife of Donald Parker

Brandon Parker - son of Donald Parker and grandson of J.D. Parker

Regan Brown - daughter of Donald and granddaughter of J.D. Parker

Missy Parker - wife of Ronald Parker

Jonathan Parker - son of Ronald Parker and oldest grandson of J.D. Parker

Austin Parker - son of Ronald Parker and grandson of J.D. Parker

Kristy Martin - girlfriend of Ernie Parker

Jake Martin - grandson of J.D. Parker

Wayne Parker - nephew of J.D. Parker and former racer-thanks for the help at the reunion.

Mike Lee - Friend of the Parker family-thanks for the help with the reunion.

Burt Reger - friend of the Parker family-thanks for your help Burt. I don’t know how you put up with us.

Flubsy and Jane - Friends and Almost family of J.D. and Doris. Thanks a million for your friendship

Ron (Greaseball) Tubbs – son of Ronald Tubbs a car owner

This for sure is not a complete list. If your name is not on this list and you was here please let us know and we will gladly add it. If your name is on this list and something is misspelled or missing something please let us know and we will fix it. Again thank you all from the Parker’s for attending and please continue to spread the word.