1 - Jackie Crane - Gulfport, MS

Owner - Pappy Crane - Gulfport, MS

Modified - Pass Road Speedway - 1955

This young driver is Jackie Crane. Jackie is the son of car owner Pappy Crane. With Jackie in the picture is his Mom, Helen Crane.

Billy Rushing of Ocean Springs Mississippi email me to let me know who this unknown driver was. Billy told me that he peddled coke's in the grand stand at pass road speedway and that he only missed one race the entire time they were opened. Thanks Billy for your help!!

These two pictures were taken at Pass Road Speedway in 1955 and donated by Raymond Barry. Raymond is the son of the track owner and is the young boy standing next to the driver in this picture.

Added info from Mississippi Racing Historian Jack Brown: Billy's information clears up some stuff. Buddy Rogers told me that Pappy had a son named Jackie who drag raced. He did not think Jackie Crane ever ran on the oval track. I guess he did. According to Buddy Rogers, Jackie Crane took the Holman-Moody engine from Pappy's NASCAR car that Caspelich and McHugh drove, put it in his pickup truck and drove it daily to work. Occasionally he'd drop by the dragstrip and blow everyone away.