1-Horace "Pappy" Crane

Gulfport Mississippi

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Horace Crane was known by his racing friends as “Pappy”. Pappy Crane got his name because he was the oldest driver on the track. He started racing on dirt shortly after dirt was invented. Pappy just love to race and did so well into his senior years. This photo’s were taken when he was in his mid 60’s. The top picture was taken in 1956 and the next was taken in 1955. Both pictures were taken at Pass Road Speedway in Biloxi. Pappy lived in Gulfport and although Pass Road was his home track, Pappy raced all over the State. As you can see, Pappy had to wear glasses under his goggles so he could see. Many said that he just felt his way trough the turns by bouncing off of the other cars.

Pictures donated by Raymond Barry