1 - Wayne Holland - Harrisville MS

Owner - Claude Bayles of Jackson Plating Company

Super Mod - Whynot Speedway - 1971

Donated by Melissa Holland

Story behind the #1 Car Super Modified driven by Wayne Holland as told by Melissa Holland

This car has a lot of fond memories; not only to my family but to others as well. As my dad, Wayne Holland states, "I don't know where this car was originally built; but it was maintained by Bobby Harrell and owned by the Saik Brothers of Jackson. This car was driven at one time by the late Ival Cooper #44 and was run at Jackson International Speedway as well as other tracks throughout the area and as far as I know this car was never outrun." My dad went on to explain how the car had caught afire at Bobby Harrell's shop and burnt and was later transported to Neely Construction and parked behind their shop for junk basically. To make a long story short, my dad and Claude Bayles with Jackson Plating Company ended up with this car. It was moved to Jackson Plating Company and totally restored; upon completion this car was totally chrome plated, gold plated and anodized; the only paint upon this car was the lettering and the # 1. All that was left was an engine, which Larry Goldman built; this car was driven by my dad, Wayne Holland and continued to win numerous races just like it did before the fire.