119 - Roddy Perry - Hialeah, Fla.

Owner - Bob Hamke

Super Mod - Mobile International Speedway - 1965

Donated by Joel Whittington

Per David Killough: The #119 Supermod was usually driven by Roddy Perry from Florida, although Donnie Allison most likely was driving it at Mobile. Donnie definitely drove it there in the World 300 in the mid 1960's that I know of, but can't swear that it was in 1965. You can see the name "Roddy" on the roof. Enjoy the site very much !!

Per Lynn Johnson: The 119 is Rod Perry from Hialeah, Fla.

Per JD Findlay: The #119 is Rod Perry of Florida. The car was owned by Bob Hamke. Donnie Allison also drove this car a few times.

Per Jack Brown: Rod Perry was a sort of a "bounty hunter" driver. He ran all over the place, getting appearance money to run against the local hot shot. He even raced as far up this way as Lakeland Speedbowl in Memphis when it was asphalt. The car was blue and very nice equipment.