3 "Sieck Buick Special" - Harold Smith - Dayton Ohio

Owner - Jack Steck - Dayton Ohio

Super Modified - Mobile International Speedway - 1965

Donated by Joel Whittington

Per JD Findlay : Car #3 is the Steck Buick Special,owned by Jack Steck of Dayton,Ohio. I'm sure this picture was taken at the 1965 Mobile 200 and I don't know who was driving it at that time.Steck had dozens of guys driving for him as he has been in sprint car and super modified racing for over 50 years.

Per Gerald Hodges "The Racing Reporter": "There is a photo of a red No. 3 car sitting on a trailer at the entrance to Mobile, sent to you by Joel Whittington. The year was 1965. Car owner was Jack Streck of Dayton, OH, who died Oct. 17, 2012. The driver was Harold Smith, also of Dayton. I don't know what happened but they are not listed as having started the 1965 World 200.