4444 - Bob Herrin - Hattiesburg, MS

Owner - Brady Martin - Raleigh, MS

Modified - Laurel Fairgrounds - 1956

Mr. Brady Martin sold Studebaker’s in Raleigh. He truely believed that the Studebaker was an excellent automobile. He also believed that if you could win on Sunday, then you will sell on Monday. He was one of the few owners that powered their cars with a Studebaker motor. This car was unbeatable back in the day. The name of this car as given by Mr Martin was "Four 4's". Fats Harvison, the announcer at many Mississippi race tracks during that time, called the car "The Flock of 4's". Ival Cooper was at the wheel of 4444 when this picture was taken at Laurel in 1955. Bob Herrin piloted the car during most of her races.

Picture courtesy of Wayne Thomas