49 - (Driver Unknown)

Owner Johnny Baker - Jackson, MS

This Picture is of Johnny Baker taken in the early 1960's. Picture Donated by Debbie Keene

As Told By Jack Brown Mississippi Racing Historian: This is one of the best photos of Johnny Baker I ever saw.  He looked exactly like that EVERY time you saw him.   Never got upset about anything.  What a character.  One night he flipped the 49,  They drug it to the infield and set it down to wait for the races to be over. (he always towed to the track with his own wrecker).  I was hanging around with his 2 sons and we stayed with the car in the infield.   The front axle was knocked off in the fiip so the car was sitting down on the frame and engine in the grass.  I sat down on the front bumper to watch the races.  Johnny walked around the car twice, then slowly came over to me and said quietly..almost apoligetically.."Really wish you wouldn't sit there.  You may bend the oil pan".   I jumped up ,realizing that he was correct and feeling like a dummy.  He winked at me, smiled, and walked slowly off to the pits.