510 "Sweet Pea" - Skip McVey - Hattiesburg, MS

Super 6 - Lamey Speedway - 1974

Picture donated by Roy Parker

As told by Roy Parker: While talking with our daughter the other night, the subject came up of her and I going to the races at the old Lamey's Speedway when she was only 4 or 5.  She still remembered her favorite car.  It was a little lime green Datsun numbered 510, who ran with the big cars for several years.  She loved that car, and finally got a black and white picture of it.  We dug through her old stuff and found the picture, which I am attaching.  I cannot remember the young man's name who owned and drove the little car, but he was my daughter's hero because he was running a little 4-cylinder against the inline six cars - and doing well with it.  If you look close at his hood, you will see the lettering "97 cu in".

As told by Mike Tubbs: Tobby this is Skip Mcvay from Hattiesburg Mississippi. I won my first race rubbing the green paint off the right side of ( sweet pea) thats the cars nick name. The car was a 510 Datsun station wagon cut down to a coupe.