91 - Buddy Bielarski - Mobile, AL

Super Modified - Jackson International Speedway - 1968

Donated by Billy Powell

As Told By Jack Brown Mississippi Racing Historian: If you notice, the # 91 driven by Buddy Bielarski from Mobile had the left front wheel painted half black and half white.  He did this to give the fans something to watch on his time trial runs.  When he'd go into a turn, 91 would pick up the left front wheel about 8 inches off the track.  He'd gently touch the brakes to stop the wheel from turning.  With the half and half paint scheme, fans could see that the wheel had stopped turning.  He'd go all the way thru the turn with the wheel in the air and then see how far he could go down the back stretch before the wheel once again touched the track and began to turn.  You could see all this clearly from the stands and the crowd would really get into it.   If he made it half way down the backstretch before the wheel touched down and began to turn again the crowd would stand and cheer.   A showman indeed