53 - Terry Bivins - Shawnee Kansas

MASCAR Late Model - Jackson International Speedway - 1972

Picture donated by Steve Bryant

As Told by Mississippi Racing Historial John Gordy: I am about 98% sure that is Terry Bivins, of Shawnee, Kansas.  He came here a few times during the MASCAR days, which were not long.  I am not sure I remember that Chevelle, but he did come, probably later, with one of the first Monte Carlos.  It was red or orange with a black vinyl top, and was 53 with the same style number. He was one of those guys that ran that Odessa, Missouri track with Larry Phillips (75), David Goldsberry (7), and Willie Crane (32).  And  probably with Mark Martin and Rusty Wallace.

Email from Greg Friday: Hi Tobby, Love your site. I’m originally from the Kansas City area, so I came across your site while looking for pictures of KC area drivers from the 70’s. Just wanted to give you a bit more info on the picture you’ve got from 1972 of Terry Bivins of Shawnee, Kansas. The 68 Chevelle in your picture was run at the beginning of the 1972 season, but was destroyed in a crash at I-70 Speedway in Odessa, MO on July 8, 1972. The throttle stuck, and the car crashed through the 1st turn retaining concrete wall. The Monte Carlo stock car that Mr Gorday mentions was raced by Bivins in 1971, so it would have been before this 68 Chevelle was raced. Terry Bivins was definitely one of the best racers to come out of the KC area, winning many races all over the Midwest, and even racing in NASCAR Winston Cup in the mid-70’s. Thanks again for the great site.

Greg Friday