67 - Ed Howe - Beaverton MI


Late Model - Jackson International Speedway - March 1972

Note: Mid-America Stock Car Racing Association (MASCAR) sponsored several races at JIS.

As Told by Tony Barker: I can't remember the name of the guy that ran the pit gate (Grantham, maybe), but he worked at the Chevrolet place (not sure which one). He told me Ed Howe, after losing an engine in practice, went to the dealership and purchased an LT1 long block. He took it to the track, installed his round track oil pan and camshaft, and WON the race with it!!!

Claude Young told me, after sitting on the pole at the Snowball, Howe had everyone talking about that super powerful engine he had under the hood. Claude stopped by his hotel, saw him HONING the cylinders on the trailer, said it has lost some of it's pep......Claude said it was a STOCK LT1 engine, probably the same one he won Jackson with.

As Told by Mack Gillis: Tony is referring to the late Lynn Grantham, he was the long time parts manager at Herrin Gear and long time pit gate manager at JIS. I have a copy of Stock Car Racing Magazine with the story of that Pepsi race and Howe called JIS the best track he had ever raced on!

Picture donated by Steve Bryant