96 - Buddy Vick

Hobby Class - Jackson International Speedway - 1970

As Told by Mack Gillis: Very surprised to see the picture of Buddy Vick in the #96. Rusty Sherman and I bought this car from Buddy and ran it on dirt. I was driving it on dirt with the asphalt tires that came on it. That old 55 chevy was heavy as a battleship with no power steering and asphalt slicks. It was quite a handful on dirt. One night at Carson Speedway, Velton Gray's car broke in the heat race. He offered his tires to us. We put his tires on and let him drive the feature and what a race it was. He didn't just win he completely dominated it. He lapped everything but the second place car and Velton was banging on his bumper at the finish. That feature was the first win for Rusty and me as car owners. We caved in the top of our tow truck jumping on it during that race. We didn't care, those were great times! Buddy Vick was very involved in racing with different cars. He was the promoter at JIS for a while. He always provided wrecker services at the track and even won one of the demo derbies that I promoted. I will have to find that derby picture to you when I get home.

Picture donated by Steve Bryant