4 - E.L. May - Magee, MS

Owners: Wayne Martin and E.L. May

Hobby - Hattiesburg Speedway - 1971

E. L. May


Wayne Martin


Wanda Clark Martin

Hi Tobby, I stumbled across your website while searching for any information about the Carson Speedway in Carson, MS. I loved seeing all the old photos! I found these old photos in our family photo album, and I thought you might like to have them for your archives. My dad (Wayne Martin in the green/white striped shirt) co-owned a car ('56 Chevy) with Enman L May (photo of driver of #4) of Magee. I was very young (about to turn 5 when these photos were taken), but I have very keen memories of time spent at the dirt track. I'm sure some of my memories are blended together because daddy told me that this car was run at Hattiesburg, Meridian, Laurel and a couple of tracks in in Louisiana as well. He said the last race was in Hattiesburg when the car was hit so hard it ripped in two. It was hauled away in two pieces and was in the shop a LONG time. He said it just got too expensive for him to continue. He also said he remembers the last time they raced at Laurel. It was on a dirt track in the middle of an asphalt track. He said they paid him $20 in quarters and they never raced there again. I also attached a photo of my mother, Wanda Clark Martin (only photo with #4 showing). Best wishes, Lisa Martin Spencer

Donated by Lisa Martin Spencer