A-2-Z - PA Luper - Taylorsville MS

Modified - Laurel Fairgrounds - 1954

I am not 100% sure of the real name of this driver. The name listed on the car is "Darlin". He must be good because he's holding a trophy. Please drop me an email if you have any Idea who this driver is.

As Told by Mississippi Racing Historian Mike Kinble: Hay Tobby, you posted a picture of car #A-2-Z with an unknown driver. I'm just guessing - the driver in the picture looks like P.A. Luper to me. I'm not sure, just a guess.

WebMaster's Response: Thanks Mike for the info. I'm 98% sure this was PA Luper. I believe I’ve seen this picture with him holding a trophy before.  I just can’t find it. 

Picture Donated by Buck Ishee