4+4 - DON MCPHAIL - Carson MS

Super Six - CARSON SPEEDWAY - 1969

As Told by Scotty Mcphail:

I have a few pictures I would like for you to add to your mschicken home page of my Dad (Don Mcphail) of Carson, MS brother of Harlos Mcphail. They raced dirt tracks from 1969 to the mid 80's, dirt tracks like Carson Speedway, Foxworth, County Line Speedway Goss MS, Hattiesburg Ms, Waynot Meridain, Ms and some in LA, and ALA.

The car# 4+4 was a 1940 model Ford coupe with a 300CI Super Six Class nickname “The Golden Rambling Duck” because of its shiny   metallic gold paint and Don Mcphail’s nickname “Duck”. This was his first dirt car and he was the owner, builder and driver. This car only lost two races from 1969-1973 running at Carson Speedway, Carson, Ms and Foxworth Speedway Foxworth, Ms.  Also just a little add on we only lived about one mile from Carson Speedway and when race day come around Don would drive the race car to the track.  (This car was painted and lettered by the late Larry Green of Carson, Ms)