42 - Marty Broadus - Long Beach MS

Skeeter - Whynot MS -1974

Donated by Dale and Tommy Noblin

Tommy Noblin "The Mississippi Skeeter" had an unbeaten year at Whynot Speedway in 1973. He continued that winning streak in 1974. A $500 bounty was placed on Tommy to be given to any drive that could beat him. Marty was the Gulf Coast Sprint Champion in 1973. He came up from the coast to see if he could collect that bounty. He finished 2nd to Tommy this night. Tommy went on to win 31 of 32 races at Whynot in 1973 and 1974.

Others to come to Whynot and try to beat Tommy were Terry Broadus of Long Beach, Sammy Swindell of Bartlett TN, Bubby Jones of Dansville IN, Bobby Marshall of Dallas TX and Jim McElreath of Forth Worth TX.

The only man to beat Tommy at Whynot in 1973 and 1974 was Bubby Jones.