55 - Tommy Noblin - Forest MS

Manzanita Speedway - Phoenix AZ - 1/2 Mlle Dirt

Western US Sprint Car Championship - 1974

Qualified 4th at 122 MPH

Tommy took his sprint car out to Phoenix AZ to race in the $30,000 Western Sprint Car Championship race in 1974. Over 70 cars showed up to try and make the field. The promoters were giving away a 4 new trucks, one to each of the top 4 qualifiers. There were so many cars it took 2 days to qualify the all. Tommy was able to take the track on the 2nd day of quailing and turned the fastest lap of day 2 qualifying at over 122 MPH. He qualified 4 th overall for the race. After his qualifying run, Tommy backed his sprint car into the turn 1 wall. Tommy’s outstanding run was disqualified as his car was tore up so bad that he could not make the race.

Donated by Dale and Tommy Noblin