87 - Tommy Noblin - Forest, MS

Super Modified - Whynot - 1968

Tommy bought this car to run the asphalt tracks. Notice the rear tires. It didn't take him long to convert it to dirt track racing.

Pictures Donated by Jody Walters

Facts about this car: Turns out this car is the Saik brothers Super Modified #44 that set the WORLD Speed record at Jackson International Speedway for the fasest lap on a 1/2 mile track. In 1971 the Saik Brothers Shop burned to the ground and the #44 and it's sister #45 were inside. At that point, the brothers got out of racing and sold both cars. The #44 was bought and turned into a dirt car. It went through several hands before ending up in Meridian Mississippi with Tommy Nobiln behind the wheel. A few years ago Donnie Bean of Meridian reconized the car in a junk pile and purchased it. It is now completely restored to the old #44 and can been seen at car shows and tracks all over the Southeast. Thanks Donnie for recovering this history making car.

Two bottom Pictures Donated by Donnie Bean