Doc Bass

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This is a picture of Curley Walters (driver) and Doc Bass (owner) taken in 1951.

Donated by Bud and Jason Walters

Picture donated by Ronald Dearman

As told by Ronald Dearman: That is Doc Bass at the far right, 3rd from right is Bill Bass, Doc's brother, 3rd from left is my dad Bill Dearman. I read on your site somewhere that Doc set up lval's first car at Motors Inc. My dad, Bill Dearman worked for Doc at Motors Inc, from ‘48-‘52. He was on Doc's crew with the #1 Hornet. I remember when I was about six years old. I went to work with daddy and saw the Hornet for the first time. It is stuck in my mind to this very day. You might say I got dirt in my blood at Motors Inc. Anytime you went into the shop at Motors Inc. you could find one of Doc's or somebody else’s dirt car in the far left corner. If you know dirt racing, you should know about Doc Bass and his cigar.

As told by George Hester: First off Thank-you for this site! How I got there I don't have a clue (I was hunting Lake Hico info I think). I worked the concession stands in high school (69-72) at JIS so the names came back quickly. While cruising the site I ran across the Doc Bass page....and I stopped for just a second on the Motors Inc. pic. Standing next to Doc Bass is the manager of Motors Inc. one W. E. Hester, Jr., my father (the only guy not in work clothes). He got out of the truck business in the mid 50's, and no wonder he would laugh on Sunday afternoons when he would hear the tales of Saturday night.

As told by Ronald Dearman: Hey my friend, It is great your website is giving out a lost of information. I never thought when I sent the picture that it would mean anything to anyone but me and maybe a few Doc fans. I guess you never know.