Fats Harvison

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As told by Jack Brown "MS Race Historian": For some reason I though of another funny story that Fats Harvison used to tell.  At the Laurel fairgrounds race track, they paid a $25 tow fee to all entries who raced but didn't win any money.  This  group of kids would show up every week pulling their old '37 Ford race car, drop the tow bar, push the thing off repeatedly, but it never would crank and run.  They would just park it, watch the races, hook it up, collect their $25 tow fee at the pay gate, and tow back home.  This went on for several weeks before a couple of the experienced racers felt sorry for them and attempted to help the boys get the car to run.  One of them unexpectedly jerked open the hood and found out the reason the car would not crank.  There was NO ENGINE in it.  Those kids had been collecting the $25 tow fee every week, watching the races free, and having a great time at the track.  Smart bunch of kids I'd say.

Picture taken in 1978 and printed in the Mississippi Sportsman Magazine.