This is a pretty accurate list according to who signed the register. My brother Ronald said when the second rain came some left before signing, so we know we had other racers there.

This is a list of drivers, car owners, and crew members who actually signed in. We are pleased with this number and fully expect it to grow next year. We want to apologize to anyone we missed. If they will email you or me we will add them to the list and they will receive a mailout about next years event. Thanks to everyone that came out and made this event a success.

                                                                                   The Parker Family

  1. J.D. Parker-         Gulfport, Ms
  2. Wallace Allen      Pass Christian, Ms
  3. Wayne Thomas    Brandon, Ms
  4. Steve Holley         Biloxi, Ms
  5. Buddy Taylor        Morton, Ms
  6. Jerry Idom            Hattiesburg, Ms
  7. Gerald Hodges      Mobile, AL
  8. Bill Steadman       Morton, Ms
  9. Ray Cato              Vicksburg, Ms
  10. Marvin Flowers      Biloxi Ms
  11. Sammy Head       Gulfport, Ms
  12. Ricky Head          Florence, Ms
  13. Larry Thrash        Gulfport, Ms
  14. Steve Townsend   Long Beach, Ms
  15. Don Eakin            Saucier, Ms
  16. Benny Spicer       Ocean Springs, Ms
  17. Ricky Beasley      Hattiesburg, Ms
  18. Mike Ellis             Waveland, Ms
  19. Glen Welch           Picayune, Ms
  20. Charles Boyette     Biloxi, Ms
  21. Billy Phelps          Pass Christian, Ms
  22. Ronald Tubbs        Gulfport, Ms
  23. Roland Ladner       Birmingham, AL  (formerly  of Biloxi)
  24. Larry Todd             Amite, LA
  25. Skip Manning        Bogalusa, LA
  26. Marty Broadus       McHenry, Ms
  27. Sidney Wescovich  Ocean Springs, Ms
  28. Mitchell Wescovich   Ocean Springs, MS
  29. Wayne Osborne      Moss Point, MS
  30. Buddy Bielarski      Theordore, AL
  31. Ron Johnson          Biloxi, Ms
  32. Bob Smull             Freeport, ILL.
  33. Authur Fletcher      Biloxi, Ms
  34. Major Hudson        Purvis, Ms
  35. Harold Beinhauer   Gulfport, Ms
  36. Larry Hardy           Biloxi, Ms
  37. Darrell Baily          Vancleave, Ms
  38. E.A. Enroth           Gulfport, Ms
  39. Thomas Enroth      Gulfport, Ms
  40. Daniel Odom         Lumberton, Ms
  41. Jimmy Burt           Biloxi, Ms
  42. Kenny Woods       Ocean Springs, Ms
  43. Stanley Cox          Biloxi, Ms

This is a  list of the Wives and Children of former racers, car owners, and crew members that was in attendance.

  1. Doris Parker-wife
  2. Lela Allen-wife
  3. Melinda-daughter
  4. Josh Allen
  5. Tyler Allen
  6. Christa Sperko
  7. Tobby Taylor-son
  8. Judy Taylor-former manager with her husband Bill Taylor of Checkered Flag Speedway in North Biloxi
  9. Shannon Taylor
  10. Margaret Havard-former gate worker at Checkered Flag Speedway
  11. Brownie Brown-former pit stewart at several south Mississippi Racetracks.
  12. Sandra Head-wife
  13. Ricky Head Jr.-son
  14. Jan Eakin-wife
  15. Bubba Spicer-son and current racer
  16. Benny Spicer Jr. son and current racer
  17. Jimmy Spicer son and current racer
  18. Scott Spicer – son and current racer
  19. Doreen Welch-wife
  20. Linda Boyette-wife
  21. Mrs. Billy Phelps-wife
  22. Renee Kenworthy-daughter
  23. Teresa Holland-daughter
  24. Emmy Frierson-wife
  25. Emma Tubbs-wife
  26. Jerry Brown-former racer and son
  27. Denise Todd
  28. Leigh Ann Broadus-wife
  29. Nell Osborne-wife
  30. Wesley Fletcher-current racer and son
  31. Joe Boyles-son and current racer
  32. Linda Schonewitz-wife
  33. Daniel Odom Jr. – son
  34. Jimmy Parker-son
  35. Donald Parker-son and current racer
  36. Ronald Parker-son and current racer
  37. Ernie Parker- son and current racer
  38. Kendall Erkhart-son
  39. Mrs. Bonnie Woods-wife
  40. Danny Jones-son and current racer
  41. Kelly Beasley Parker-daughter

This list does not include the many husbands and wives of the racers children that showed up to support their parents. It does not include the  many grandchildren that was there. There was also many fans showed up from the pioneer days of racing that the list does not include. Everyone was welcome and The Parker Family would like to thank everyone who showed up and helped make this event a success. The 2nd annual event will take place in October of 2008.