CQ Ranch House Speedway

1/4 mile Dirt - Hattiesburg, MS

Modified race in Hattiesburg: 4 wide in turn 4.

Notice the pond in the infield....

1st = 76-Joe Caspelich, 2nd = V8-Ellis Palasini, 3rd = 631-Ival Cooper, 4th = (Unknown#) Hooker Hood

All of these pictures were taken in 1956 and donated by Joel Whittington

As told by Chant and Tony Crosby: After hours of research and talking to several Hattiesburg historians this is what I came up with. They told me that the CQ Ranch House was located in the exact spot as Duff Amusement is today and the race track was located directly behind it. The other historian came up with an address witch was Duff Rd.

Heres the map of the property. My guess would be the race track is or at the bottom of one of those ponds.
All the old time racers tell me the track was behind the old drive in.I cant find any information on when the new 4 lane was built but my guess would be in the 60s so old 49 should have been the main hwy and that would put the track behind the Drive In. I have also heard people say that you could see the airplanes landing at the airport,and by this map it is less than a mile west of the airport.