Checkered Flag 67 Speedway

Saucier, Mississippi

As Told by Tony Crosby: Tobby, there is an old tracks that was around that i havent seen or heard anything about on your site. It was the checkered flag speedway in saucier ms. I went to the track somewhere around 1992 and the track was closed shortly afterwords. It was a fine looking track, they didnt have a wall on the back strech and from what i was told it was a long way to the bottom with a pile of stumps along the way down. They had a loggers dream as a wrecker to get the cars that went over.

As Told by Jack Brown: I think Checkered Flag was the one I went to once. It was north of I-10 near Saucer. It was at night and I don't know what was off the back stretch.

As Told by Jimmy Parker: Checkered flag opened around 1982-83. It was located on HWY 67 in Saucier. North of Biloxi and Gulfport. It is the track that my daddy (JD Parker) got injured at in 1984. Some of the best dirt track racing around in the 80's. Some of the best Late Model drivers in the south raced there.

As Told by John Gorday: Tobby, I went to Checkered Flag 67 Speedway one time, and wandered into a special event. The 67 came in as it was on Highway 67 North of Biloxi. There were a lot of the better known drivers from around the state there that night, as it was a special. I was at 67 Checkered Flag Speedway on June 27, 1987 for a late model 50 lapper.

Results :

1. 42 Chick Boyd
2. 41 Ricky Idom
3. 24 Jerry Cassano
4. 71 Curtis Vicknair
5. W6 Kevin Watts

Others there :

3 Marty Broadus
26 Tracy Gibbons
1 Johnny Stokes
L88 Paul McWilliams
91 Donald Watson
86 Paul Vanderley
D3 Dennis Pack
11 David Burkhalter
62 Danny Thomas
LT1 Clyde McCain
65 Carlson Hill
41 Benny Spicer
01 Bill Taylor
196 Billy Scarborough