Dixie Speedway

Pearl Mississippi

L88 Paul McWilliams works in the track at Dixie Speedway.

25 Ray Cato at Dixie Speedway in Pearl MS.

Pictures donated by Luke DaDrifter


As Told by Jack Brown: The Pearl track was called Dixie Speedway.  It's hard to find the road into it is they've cut a drainage ditch all the way down the road a while back and weeds have grown up so tall..  This road went a hundred yards or so back into the "swamp" among some big old moss covered trees.  The clay that made up the track was black river clay and was the best stuff I've ever seen around here for holding moisture.  Hooker Hood said it was the closest thing to Riverside's clay in West Memphis he'd ever raced on.  The stands were made from trees they cut out of the infield.   Wiring for the place was strung all through the trees and MP&L was the cause for it shutting down, as MP&L would not approve the electrical hookups.  The place was owned by a guy named Blaylock. Both Mac Gillis and Lynn Johnson promoted races there over probably 3 seasons.