Greenville Fairgrounds

As told by Jack Brown "MS Race Historian"

Absolutely was in love with that old Greenville track on hwy 1.  Talk about a bull ring.  The VFW guys ran it and promoted it in the 50's & 60's and they always had a ton of cars.  We'd jump in my 62 Impala and head up there after work on some Fridays, grabbing a box of Kentucky Fried chicken on the way.  It ran on Friday night and another track down near Cleveland ran on Sat night with B cars from Memphis as their main class.  It was also the county fairgrounds.  They had a big ol board guard rail fence around the track.  When one of the cars would knock down the fence, they had this giant of a black guy (6 ft 6, 300 lbs) in a pickup who would go out with a big hammer and some spikes sangle-handedly nail the busted fence planks back to the posts.  This would happen serveral times a night.  When the county moved the fairgrounds to the resent location on 82 near the old air base, they built a new track with the same clay.  It was a nice place, with steel guard rails, a kids playground, paved parking, but never drew crowds like the old place.  We saw Swindell, Amati , Roynon, and some of the other "names" run sprint cars there often.


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