Valley Hill Speedway

Greenwood , MS 

Story told by Ray Catio : Valley Hill Speedway was off MS Hwy 82 near Greenwood, Mississippi. Steve McQueen was filming a movie in the Mississippi Delta near Greenwood. One night he heard the roar of the engines at the track and just had to go and see what was going on. He snuck away from his security and followed the sounds to the track. Steve McQueen was a very good race car driver in his day. Once at the track, it didn’t take him long to find someone to let him drive a car. He climbed aboard car # G600 and they let him take the track for 10 laps. His security team had a pretty good idea where he had gotten off to. They cough up with his just as he was finishing his 10 laps. I’ve never seen a popular person get chewed out so bad in front of so many people. As his security rushed him away, they apologized for their actions. They explained that the whole movie would be in jeopardy if anything should happened to Mr. McQueen. The crowd gave him a standing ovation as Steve McQueen left the track.