44 - Bobby Harrell - Jackson, MS

Owner - Charles, Nathan, and Emile Saik Brothers - Jackson, MS

Super Mod - Jackson International Speedway - 1971

This car is a super star in Mississippi racing History. It was drive by legendary drivers like Ival Cooper, Bobby Harrell and Armand Holley. The car was built by Bobby Harrell and owned by Charles, Nathan, and Emile Saik. It was sponsored by the Butcher Shop and Carpetland. The mechanics were Bobby Day, Billy Tucker and Bobby Harrell. One race day in 1970, Ival Cooper was late getting to the track and missed time trials. Bobby Harrell stepped in and not only put the car on the pole but set a new World Record for a 1/2 mile track that stood for 7 years. That day he made a lap around Jackson International Speedway in 16.78 seconds.

Picture taken in 1970 and donated by Johnny Bolden.